The look of love between a couple, the excitement of a wedding day, the way a woman smiles when she’s feeling her most beautiful… they’re all emotions I love to see and capture in photos. Every image is different because of the unique personalities of the subjects, and I enjoy helping those personalities shine through.

Whether I’m photographing a couple, a wedding, modern glamour or an event, my goal is to help tell your story. I’m a writer at heart and like specifics such hearing a dynamite quote only you would say, learning the details of how you met your beloved, finding out how you imagine looking during your glamour session and so on.

When you hire me, you’re investing in someone who knows how to use a camera and engage my subjects. But more importantly, you’re getting someone who knows how to look for and capture the details that make your story special. Whatever your story, I’d love to tell it.

I’m a writer and photographer working in and around Columbia and Aiken, SC, and Augusta, GA.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!